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Welcome to the virtual home of Michael Combe.

I am the author of the historical fiction work, Trust with a Razor, and the high-fantasy Convergence Series which takes place in the world of Cordia, a land with global terrorists, genocide, ultra-secret spy networks and renegade dragons. The first book in the Convergence Series is Moon Flower and is available at your local book retailer or on Amazon. You may review the first chapter of Mist Dancer: Book 2 of the Convergence Series here.

Recently, I teamed up with the Emerging Authors Project to offer mentoring and training to new writers everywhere. The Emerging Authors Project offers:

  • Free Writing Classes
  •    Local Libraries
  •    Online via WebEx
  • Free Alpha-Readings
  •    Initial reading of completed work by published authors
  •    Provides great feedback for authors
  • Free Editing
  •    Professional copy editing
  • Initial Consultation with Publishing Company
  •    Mountainland Publishing has agreed to provide first consideration of work for publication

Go to The Emerging Authors Project and see how we can help your new writing career.

But not only am I a published fiction writer, I am also business consultant and business writer. View my Services page to see how I can help you build your business, website, sales letters, business proposals and manuals.

Please contact me and let's get started.

Author Event:

  • April 10th, 7 pm, The King's English Bookshop's Local Author Showcase (1511 South 1500 East, SLC)

Latest Works

Moon Flower: Book 1 of the Convergence Series

Mass destruction has erupted all over the world and one group is laying claim: The Darkwings. But this mysterious group will not reveal their hidden agenda nor will they cease their carnage until their unknown mission is achieved. Only the ultra-secret spy network of Monitor can possibly stop them.

In this whirlwind of clashes between nations and ideals emerges Moon Flower, a survivor of one of the Darkwings' plots. Alone and powerless, she tries for rescue her friend from Kraagen, a renegade dragon and Darkwing Commander who has plans for his captive in a future Darkwing scheme. It is a race against time, against military forces, against the very essence of magic itself to save the girl and the world.

Available in paperback and on Kindle.

Trust With a Razor and Other Tales from Two-Bit Street

It's 1933 and bootleggers exert their influence in the small town of Ogden, Utah. What happens when competition arrives from outside? "Two-Bit Street" explores the indirect impact of this clash on some of the local populace, particularly a barber, a waitress, a farmer, a transient and a priest.

Available in paperback and on Kindle.


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