Business Writing

I offer a variety of business writing services including:

  • Proposals: Managing, writing, and editing for government RFPs or commercial RFQs
  • Grants: Writing, editing, and workshops
  • Policies and Procedures Manuals: Writing, editing, layout, publishing
  • Technical Manuals: Writing, editing, layout, publishing

Let a writing expert (yes, that would be me) help you create strong documents that will grow your business or get that funding you require for to support your programs.

On the fiction side, I offer mentoring and coaching for your fiction writing. Whether you are stuck on a particular scene, or are just trying to get started, let's talk. We can do one-on-one mentoring, chapter-by-chapter editing, writing workshops and even FREE writing classes. That's right, FREE Writing Classes.

Rate Sheet

My rates are very reasonable. I charge based on the project and the type of work as indicated below:

  • Business Writing - $45 per hour
  • Business Consulting - $65 per hour
  • Basic Copywriting - $25 per hour
  • Business Editing - $35 per hour
  • Fiction Edition - $1.25 per page
  • Fiction Mentoring - $25 per hour
  • Workshops & Classes - $65 per class hour plus materials

Writing Samples

For some examples of my business writing, you can view the following documents:

Free Stuff

Every month, I will be at the Pleasant Valley Branch of the Weber County Library offering classes to help you improve your writing and help you improve your writing income.

Click here for more information about upcoming classes.


Latest Works

Moon Flower: Book 1 of the Convergence Series

Mass destruction has erupted all over the world and one group is laying claim: The Darkwings. But this mysterious group will not reveal their hidden agenda nor will they cease their carnage until their unknown mission is achieved. Only the ultra-secret spy network of Monitor can possibly stop them.

In this whirlwind of clashes between nations and ideals emerges Moon Flower, a survivor of one of the Darkwings' plots. Alone and powerless, she tries for rescue her friend from Kraagen, a renegade dragon and Darkwing Commander who has plans for his captive in a future Darkwing scheme. It is a race against time, against military forces, against the very essence of magic itself to save the girl and the world.

Available in paperback and on Kindle.

Trust With a Razor and Other Tales from Two-Bit Street

It's 1933 and bootleggers exert their influence in the small town of Ogden, Utah. What happens when competition arrives from outside? "Two-Bit Street" explores the indirect impact of this clash on some of the local populace, particularly a barber, a waitress, a farmer, a transient and a priest.

Available in paperback and on Kindle.


Recent Podcasts

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